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How to fix binkw32.dll is missing error in Battlefront 2

Despite all of the hatred and hype around Battlefront 2 I’ve purchased the game before it was released and before they have announced those micro transactions. Anyhow, on the release day I was unable to play the game because of binkw32.dll is missing error that started to pop-up whenever I tried to launch the game. I was so excited to start on the day 1, but that error has ruined all of my expectations. I even called to the EA support to help me to resolve the binkw32.dll is missing error, but they said that the issue is on my side, in particular on my operating system. I didn’t believe that the new game such as Battlefront 2 is incompatible with the newest Windows 10 64 bit, so I started to look for the solution by myself.


After few hours of reading various forums, reddit and other community forums I found that binkw32.dll is missing error happens in various games on various operating systems. However, I couldn’t find unique guide that will fix the error for everyone. Some people advised to reinstall the game, others recommended to reinstall redistributables such as DirectX and Microsoft Visual Studios. I’ve tried both, but unsuccessful. Then, I found that binkw32.dll is missing error can be simply fixed by installing the missing file directly into the system library. That’s what I did – I’ve downloaded binkw32.dll library from here: and installed it according to the guide provided on the website and it worked! The annoying binkw32.dll is missing from your computer error has gone and I was able to launch Battlefront 2 without any other problems.

If you ignore the fact of micro transactions and pay to win EA strategy, the game is awesome. Hopefully, Disney will push hard on EA and they will completely get rid of micro transactions. Anyway, if you found this guide useful, feel free to like and share it to help others. May the force be with you!

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