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How to fix Binkw32.dll is missing in Star Wars: Battlefront II

As soon as they launched Star Wars: Battlefront II, I pre-ordered it and it eventually became available on Origin for downloads. As soon as I completed the installation, I got an error message stating that binkw32.dll is missing on my computer and that I have to have the program reinstalled in other to fix the problem. The first thing I did was to try and have the game cache verified but that did not resolve the problem of the not found binkw32.dll. Even after I had the game reinstalled, I was still unable to fix my binkw32.dll is missing error. I sent a report to EA, but they’re always slow to respond. According to the last email I got from support, the problem is from my system and the game is extremely operational. I was then faced with two choices, either to return the game, or attempt to get to the root of the problem on my own. I chose the second option and immediately began to search through different forums until I discovered this particular solution.

binkw32.dll is missing Star Wars Battlefront II

In the course of looking for a solution to my problem, I discovered that a lot of other users were experiencing the same problem with several other apps and games. This led me to the conclusion that the EA support was right about it being an operating system problem rather than a problem with the game. I discovered that binkw32.dll normally comes preinstalled on every operating system, but the library happens to be extremely sensitive and is easily damaged. Since I had no intention of installing windows immediately, I decided to install the file straight into the system folder and to my greatest surprise, it worked. The file was downloaded from, after which I had it installed in accordance with the instructions available on the website.

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