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How to fix D3DX9_39.dll is missing error in Saints Row 2

I discovered one problem as soon as soon as I installed a new Windows 10 OS on my computer. I am a gamer and I like to play various games on my home desktop. Saints Row 2 is one of my most favorites games. I was unable to launch my Saints Row 2 on my Windows 10 64 bits. After I finished installing the game, I attempted to run it and received a system error saying that D3DX9_39.dll is missing on my system and I should reinstall Saints Row 2 to fix the problem. I tried to reinstall the program for several times and though the installation was always successful, I was still not able to launch the program. I decided to do a little research to get to the root of the problem.

D3DX9_39.dll is missing Saints Row 2

I searched across different technical forums and even contacted game support, to no avail. I was advised to run certain third party software, and was given links to some malicious websites. I finally decided to research on dll files and missing dll files related error and discovered that D3DX9_39.dll had no connection to Saints Row 2 game. It is just a system library that can be found in the windows system folder. Therefore, before I could fix the problem, I had to either reinstall my windows or look for a genuine D3DX9_39.dll file that I could register into the system after placing it in the right location. I downloaded D3DX9_39.dll file from and followed the instructions on the website and all it took was 5 minutes to fix the D3DX9_39.dll is missing error. That was the last time I experienced that problem. Feel free to like and share this small tutorial.

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