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Fix for PhysXLoader.dll is missing in Metro 2033

Few days ago I just bought Metro 2033 as part of the humble bundle deal. I was so excited to play it, anyway when I launched the game I got the error “PhysXLoader.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program” so I took its advice and reinstalled it. That didn’t help me to fix the issue. The Steam support crew advised me to reinstall video card drivers and steam itself, but nothing worked. My friends suggested me to directly install the PhysXLoader.dll library into the game folder, but I couldn’t find the place where I can get it and I didn’t know how to properly install it, but I tried and it worked, so I am about to share the solution for PhysXLoader.dll is missing error.


PhysXLoader.dll is a very popular dll library which is used by most of the games that use the Nvidia PhysX technology. However, sometimes something might happen and the library will become corrupted or damaged or your antivirus may decide that it is malicious and simply remove it. Without PhysXLoader.dll library you won’t be able to launch any recent games so you need to fix the issue by manually installing the file. First of all, you can download genuine version of PhysXLoader.dll library from here: Now, simply copy the file into the game folder or follow the instructions provided on the website.

After copying PhysXLoader.dll file into the game folder I was able to launch Metro 2033 without physxloader.dll is missing error. Hope I’ve helped you to fix this error, now it’s your turn to help others by sharing this guide.

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