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Fix for steam_api.dll or steam_api64.dll is missing error in Doom

I pre-ordered Doom on Steam a long time ago, and just yesterday I found that it was already released for a couple of weeks. I immediately rushed to install the game but was surprised by the steam_api.dll is missing error that I faced immediately after the installation of Doom. Actually I tried to install on my other computer that runs Windows 10 64 bit and got the steam_api64.dll is missing error. Definitely this error is not with the game so I started seeking for the solution on steam forums, but more trolls there than helpful tips. Google led me to few gamers community forums where I found real help and easy solution for steam_api.dll is missing error.


So, as you know I got steam_api.dll and steam_api64.dll errors, however people on the forum said that they also had problems with bink2w64.dll and binkw64.dll files. So, anyway I will post the solution for all of those errors. All you need to do is just to install the dll libraries manually. You can download them here:

Depends what dll is missing error you have, simply download it from the links above and follow the installation instructions provided on the downloading page. It should help you to fix steam_api.dll, steam_api64.dll, bink2w64.dll and binkw64.dll is missing or not found errors in Doom 2016. Don’t worry, the installation instruction is pretty simple – just copy the downloaded file into the proper location.

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