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Fix for Midas.dll is missing in Delphi 2010

I have started learning programming on Delphi and decided to download the old version of Delphi 2010. However, I was unable to launch it because of midas.dll is missing from your computer error that appeared right after the start of the program. When I closed the error dialog the program closed as well. I have tried to reinstall the program but the same error appeared again. Unfortunately, there is no more official support for the Delphi 2010, so I had to look for the solution on various websites and I tell you it’s a hard task. Lots of cyber criminals trying to take advantage of the situation where novice users do not understand lots of things related with IT, so they are trying to trick users to download malware or even Trojans instead of proper files.


Anyhow, I found a solution for midas.dll is missing upon launching Delphi 2010. And it’s easy to perform even for novice users. You don’t need to mess in system registry or stuff like that. All you need is to download the missing midas.dll from here: and install it in your system by following the guide provided on the website. The installation is very simple, you will just need to copy the file into the proper location and reboot your computer. After the reboot everything should work. In my situation, I have followed this guide and was able to fix midas.dll is missing from your computer error in Delphi 2010. Feel free to share this guide with your friends.

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