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How to fix msvcr100.dll is missing error in Crysis 3

Got the Crysis 3 on Steam summer sale and installed it on my computer, which is running Windows 10 64 bit. The game is quite old and should’ve been running on ultra settings on my brand new computer. However, after the installation the game has crashed and displayed me an error message stating that msvcr100.dll is missing from my computer. I’ve tried to reinstall the game once again, but it didn’t fix the problem. After writing to steam support I was quite surprised – they simply refused to help me, because the issue is not with the game that I’ve purchased from them, but with my computer. At first, I was thinking to refund the game, but then I found some useful tips on the steam game forum.


I found that lots of users having similar problems with Crysis 3. Even in 2017 the game still gives headaches to players. Most of the users were able to fix the issue by simply reinstalling the game and redistributables located in the game installation folder. However, it didn’t work for me. After few hours of searching I finally found working solution for msvcr100.dll is missing error in Crysis 3. I simply downloaded the missing msvcr100.dll library from here: After that I installed that file as described on the downloading page and it fixed msvcr100.dll is missing error on Windows 7 64bit. Now I am able to launch any game or application. Feel free to share this small fixing guide to help other users.

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