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How to fix vcomp110.dll is missing in Attack on Titan

I am big fan of Attack on Titan manga and I was very surprised when I found out that it was released as a game on Steam. Without any hesitation I’ve purchased Attack on Titan A.O.T Wings of Freedom and installed the game. I couldn’t wait to play the game, but for some reason after installation was completed I couldn’t launch the game. Vcomp110.dll is missing from your computer error appeared when I tried to start the game and nothing I could do to prevent that error and start the game. I was about to ask for refund from steam when I found that some users had the same problem and were able to fix it.


Vcomp110.dll is missing from your computer error is not directly related with the game. Yes, it prevents the launching of the Attack on Titan, but it’s not the game’s fault. It is a system library, which, once damaged, won’t let you to run any application that requires the vcomp110.dll for proper operation. I was surprised on the quantity of the solution guides that exist on the Internet to fix vcom110.dll is missing error, however most of them offered to download some third party software or mess with system registry. I am not expert in computers, so I decided to go the easy path and it worked. I just downloaded vcomp110.dll file from here: and followed the installation instructions available here. After that, I just rebooted my computer and was able to start Attack on Titan without any issues.

That’s the easiest fixing method for vcomp110.dll is missing from your computer in Attack on Titan on Windows 10. Feel free to share this with those who have problems with launching A.O.T.

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