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Fix WMVcore.dll is missing in Adobe Premiere

I always wanted to create a great video using my recordings, so by following suggestions of my friends I’ve purchased Adobe Premiere Pro and installed it on my computer. After the installation I didn’t try to program, I was watching various tutorials on YouTube, how to create a great quality video. When the time for testing has come I tried to launch the Adobe Premiere and got a system error stating that WMVcore.dll is missing from my computer and the application can’t be launched. After waiting for the answer from Adobe Support for 2 days, I’ve decided to fix it by myself. Worth to mention that the reinstallation of the program, suggested in the error message dialog, doesn’t help.


So, after studying possible causes of WMVcore.dll is missing or not found on your computer error, I’ve came to the conclusion that the only way to fix it is to reinstall the whole operating system. But it is ridiculous to waste so much time, just because one system library is missing and preventing to run other dependent applications. I was lucky enough to find and their installation instructions for dll files. So, I simply downloaded WMVcore.dll file from here: and installed it by following this instruction. After rebooting my computer, the WMVcore.dll is missing error has gone and I was able to launch Adobe Premiere on my Windows 10 64 bit. Now, it’s time to create some masterpiece video! Hopefully this will help you too to fix WMVcore.dll is missing error in Adobe Premiere.

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