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Fixing bink2w64.dll is missing error in WWE2K17

I purchased WWE2K17 on steam and setup on the system successfully but the monitor went blank for some time and returned with the bink2w64.dll is missing error message and requested that I fix the problem. It explicitly instructed me to reinstall the game. This was quite unusual especially since it did not show any indication of this problem when I installed the game initially. Confused about the situation, I verified the game’s cache. It was a lengthy process and ended in futility. Once I was done, I reinstalled the game but the problem remained. I began to explore various tutorials online and stumbled on the authorised WWE2K17 on steam forum.  It turned out that the challenge was quite pervasive and consistent with most people. However, most were able to resolve the challenge with the proffered solution.


I was able to uncover that the bink2w64.dll is missing error was engendered by a special antivirus that takes away the actual setup thus making it impossible for the game to function. Rectifying this bink2w64.dll is missing from your computer error would require that you download the original bink2w64.dll library from the following spot Once you have completed this process, you would then restart your computer and the game would begin to function smoothly.

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