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Fixing kernel32.dll is missing error on Windows 10

One day I just started having problems with launching any programs on my computer. At that time, I was yet on Windows 7. The problem was in kernel32.dll library and every time I tried to launch some program I was getting kernel32.dll is missing from your computer error. Since I decided to upgrade to Windows 10 the error has disappeared after installing the new operating system. But few days ago, it appeared once again, this time on Windows 10. I started to investigate what can cause kernel32.dll is missing error and what is kernel32.dll library.


I’ve spent a lot of time looking for information on the Internet. So, I hope you will appreciate my resumed report about kernel32.dll library and how to fix kernel32.dll is missing error on Windows. So, Kernel32.dll – is a file located in windows system folder. It is not just a file, it is a 32-bit dynamic link library (dll) used by Windows operating system. Basically, kernel32.dll is responsible for the proper operation of the central operating module of the Windows operating system that contains the core processes. Kernel32.dll was developed by Microsoft Corporation. It is a system library which is usually hidden. Kernel32.dll controls the memory, input and output operations. It loads along with the windows operating system into a protected memory space. Kernel32.dll library is used not only by the operating system – it can be also used by third-party programs that were written to use multithreading. Anyway, since the kernel32.dll is loaded automatically on every windows boot, it makes it a perfect target for viruses and Trojans that want to be spread in the system once the system is booted. Therefore, kernel32.dll is missing errors might appear after some virus attack when the library becomes damaged or corrupted or simply removed by an antivirus.

To fix kernel32.dll is missing error on Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10 you just need to download the library from here: and follow the installation instructions provided on the website.

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