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Fixing msvcr110.dll is missing error in Train Simulator 2017

I bought Train Simulator from steam and was able to setup the system, but the monitor later went blank and when it returned, it displayed the msvcr110.dll is missing error message suggesting that I find a solution for the problem. It instructed me to have the game reinstalled. I found this unusual, particularly because there was no indication of any such problem when I first installed the program. I decided to verify the game’s cache. It was a long procedure which ended in futility. As soon as I finished with that, I had the game reinstalled, but the issue persisted. I started checking out online tutorials and discovered steam forum’s authorised Train Simulator. I realised it was a common issue faced by a lot of people. However, majority of the people who encountered this challenge succeeded in resolving the issue with the solution provided below.



I found out that the “msvcr110.dll is missing error” was caused by a particular antivirus that removes the actual library making it difficult for the game to work. You have to go to to download the msvcr110.dll library before you can fix this error. As soon as you complete this procedure, restart your system and the game will immediately start functioning properly. Feel free to like and share this guide with your friends.

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