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Fixing Msvcrt10.dll is missing error in Need For Speed Rivals

Today I would like to talk about cars. I think there is no man on earth who doesn’t like cars, especially sport cars. Unfortunately in real life I cannot afford a sport car, however there is a PC that lets me to try any super car I want. I’ve been a huge fan of Need For Speed games series for over the years. So finally I’ve bought Need For Speed Rivals to try out that new social feature called AllDrive where you can play alone and then transition to play with your friends. But something went wrong and after installation was completed I tried to launch the game and got msvcrt10.dll is missing error.


Browsing the Internet I found that Msvcrt10.dll is missing error happens in various applications, but for some reason Need For Speed Rivals and Photoshop are topping the list. Anyway, since we all have Internet it’s not hard to find out the solution for msvcrt10.dll, but also you should be careful, because Internet is full of hackers and scammers that will try to trick you into downloading some malware. So, to fix msvcrt10.dll is missing error in Need For Speed Rivals you just have to download and install the missing genuine msvcrt10.dll file from here:

After proper installation of msvcrt10.dll file the game should work and you can enjoy playing with your friends.

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Kim Alen, Finland
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