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Fixing steam_api.dll is missing error in Borderlands 2

I bought Borderlands 2 from steam and was able to set it up successfully on my system. However, the monitor later went blank and when it returned it came with the steam_api.dll is missing error message requesting that I fix the issue. It also instructed me to have the game reinstalled. I found this highly unusual considering the fact that there was no sign of this problem when I first installed the game. I decided to verify the game’s cache. In addition to being a lengthy procedure, it also ended it futility. As soon as I completed the verification, I had the game reinstalled but nothing changed. I decided to check out different online tutorials and came across the authorised Borderlands 2 forum on steam. I discovered that a lot of people faced the same issue. The good news is that most people were able to fix the issue with the solution described below.


I discovered that this “steam_api.dll is missing error” was caused by my antivirus which removed the library thus making proper function of the game impossible. To fix steam_api.dll is missing error, you have to visit to download the original steam_api.dll library. Restart your system as soon as you complete this process, and the game will function properly. Feel free to like and share this guide with all who stuck with this issue.

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