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Fixing steam_api64.dll is missing error in Dirt Rally

When it comes to racing games, nobody does it better than Dirt Rally. It is actually my best game of all time. I recently decided to relieve old memories by playing it on my Windows 7, but I was surprised when I received an error message to the effect that steam_api64.dll is missing and could not be found on my system, and that I should reinstall the app to fix the problem. Unfortunately, the problem persisted even after the reinstallation, so I had no choice than to follow a guide I discovered on the internet. All it took was a little file manipulation and I was finally able to run the game.


After going through a couple of solution guides, I discovered that the steam_api.dll is missing error has nothing to do with Dirt Rally game. I learnt that it can occur at the launch of any program that needs the steam_api64.dll library to function. The steam_api64.dll library is often found in the system folder or the folder of the particular app (Steam) that needs it. I discovered that the file was not supplied for the game and it had disappeared from my system and Steam folder. So all I had to do was download the steam_api64.dll files from and follow the websites installation instructions to install it. And I was able to run the game successfully after I rebooted my system and got rid of steam_api64.dll is missing error once and forever. Feel free to like and share this guide.

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