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Fixing TaskSchedulerHelper.dll is missing error on Windows 10

Dll is missing errors are very popular among Windows 10 users. I never had issues on my old Windows 7, but after I’ve upgraded the first thing that I got is TaskSchedulerHelper.dll is missing error. I am not sure if this is related with some virus or malware attack, however, it was not easy to get rid of that problem and every time I booted my computer I was getting TaskSchedulerHelper.dll is missing error. The error dialog box states that I need it reinstall the application to fix the issue, but I was unsure what application I have to reinstall? I’ve made some investigations and found that TaskSchedulerHelper is a system application and it cannot be reinstalled separately from Windows operating system. So, it means that the error dialog box suggests me to reinstall the whole operating system, even though I have installed it recently.


So, I started to search on the Internet for the solution for TaskSchedulerHelper.dll is missing error, but most of the guides provided on various forums were offering some advanced solutions that required a lot of computer knowledge and I am not so familiar with computers. I was afraid to mess things even worse, so I found one easy guide and tested it out. That simple guide helped me to fix TaskSchedulerHelper.dll is missing error and I will share it with you. So, to fix TaskSchedulerHelper.dll is missing error you just need to download and install missing TaskSchedulerHelper.dll library from here:

If it worked for you too, feel free to like and share this guide to help others to fix TaskSchedulerHelper.dll is missing error on Windows 10 64 and 32 bits.

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