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Fixing vcruntime140.dll is missing error in A Way Out

A Way Out was launched on the 23th of March and it’s a great game for two players where only one person has to buy the game on Origin and he can invite his friend to play either split screen co-op or online co-op for free. I’ve purchased the game and attempted to install it today, hoping that I will be able to play with my buddy today after work, but I was wrong. I received the vcruntime140.dll is missing error message immediately after installing A Way Out. The error message kept on popping up each time I attempted to start the game. The Origin support team later responded saying the error was from my OS and not the game, and there was nothing they could do about it. Well, I decided to look for a solution on my own, so I visited different game forums until I found a solution to the problem.


The biggest problem you’ll encounter when searching for a solution to this problem is probably how to discern the useless tutorials and guides that can lead to malware from the real ones. I ignored all those suggestions and tried to go with the ones from reliable users. I got the solution for this error from forum moderator who stated that all I need to fix the problem is to download and install the vcruntime140.dll library into the system. So, I visited and downloaded the file. You’ll find installation instructions on the download page. The instructions are quite straight forward, just copy the file and paste it into the appropriate location. This have helped me to fix vcruntime140.dll is missing error in A Way Out game. Feel free to like and share this guide with your friends.

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