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Fixing vcruntime140.dll is missing error in Adobe Audition

I was recently inspired to remix some well-known songs using Adobe Audition software. The software is free and comes with different features that you can use to edit and save music as either MP3 or any extension you like. When I finished the remix, I tried to export it as an MP3 file, but I got a pop up message telling me that vcruntime140.dll is missing and could not be found on my system and that I should reinstall the app. I was lucky to have saved the project, so I tried to perform the action again after the reinstallation but I kept on getting the vcruntime140.dll is missing error message. I’ve never experienced any problem with Adobe Audition, and this was quite annoying. I tried contacting Adobe support, but was unable to get in touch with them, so I decided to go online to find a solution.


vcruntime140.dll is a library used for encoding MP3 for Adobe Audition and because of some software patent issues; Adobe Audition cannot offer MP3 encoding feature for the program. So this is a common error when exporting files as MP3. The good news is that, there’s a simple solution to the vcruntime140.dll is missing error. Just go to and download vcruntime140.dll file. With this, you’ll be able to extract the library to whatever location you want and when you want to export a file to MP3, Adobe Audition will request for the location of the vcruntime140.dll that you downloaded. All you have to do is to specify the path to the file and the file will be exported to MP3 successfully. I hope you found this guide useful and were able to fix your vcruntime140.dll is missing or not found error. Feel free to share this guide.

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