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Fixing xinput1_3.dll is missing in Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters is a great RPG game with the top view, in contrast to the Diablo 3, however, it has much more advanced lightings and particle effects. The game was released this year and it is super cool. I’ve decided to play it before going to the new Ghostbusters movie. After the installation, nothing predicted any issues, however as soon as I tried to launch the game I got xinput1_3.dll is missing from your computer error. Please reinstall the application to fix the problem. Well, the one I can say for sure is that the reinstallation didn’t help me at all. Xinput1_3.dll is missing error started to appear in other games and applications too, at first I thought it’s some kind of virus, but with some small researches in Google I found the reason of the problem and how to fix it.


In my case it was a virus a virus attack that substituted the original xinput1_3.dll file with malicious one and my antivirus simply removed it. Now imagine if I didn’t have any antivirus protection the malicious xinput1_3.dll file would be executed as soon as I would launch any game or application. Anyway, the xinput1_3.dll is missing error remained until I fixed the issue. There are various ways to fix xinput1_3.dll is missing error, but the easiest one is to download xinput1_3.dll file from here: After that you will have to install it by following the instruction provided on the website. Anyway, it’s very easy to perform and even without any advanced computer knowledge you will be able to do that. Feel free to share this guide with those who need help.

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