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How to fix ASL.dll is missing or not found error in Windows 7

I have tried to upgrade to the most recent version of iTunes, but during the installation of some packages the error appeared. I wasn’t paying attention and skipped the error and after that whenever I try to run iTunes I am getting system error saying that asl.dll is missing. I have tried to reinstall iTunes, but once again, during the installation process I am getting some errors and the only option is to skip them and continue the installation or cancel the installation. I started to look on the Internet and a lot of users having problem with the latest version of iTunes. However I started to search for asl.dll is missing error and found that it may happen because the asl.dll library is damaged or corrupted. Also, I found an easy fixing guide that I will share below.


So, asl.dll is missing or not found errors are starting to happen when asl.dll file becomes corrupted or damaged. Since it is apple’s software library it can be reinstalled together with iTunes, but sometimes iTunes cannot install that file on your system. The only solution is to manually install asl.dll file. I fixed my asl.dll is missing error by downloading and installing asl.dll file from here:

If you have questions about the installation process it is well described on the downloading page. If this guide have helped you to fix asl.dll is missing or not found error, please like and share it, so we can help other users.

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