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How to fix bink2w64.dll is missing error in Agony

Agony is the first-person survival horror game set in hell. The developers promised lots of gore and grotesque and even in game trailer and short videos we have seen lots of violence, blood and gore which is an integral part of hell. I’ve purchased Agony on Steam once it is released and was pleasantly surprised by 10% discount provided by developers. After downloading and installing the game I tried to launch it, but the weird system error popped up on my screen, stating that bink2w64.dll is missing from my computer and I need to reinstall the game. Well, at first I thought that something have probably gone wrong during the installation of the game, so, I reinstalled the game, but the problem with bink2w64.dll remained.


It was difficult to find the solution for bink2w64.dll is missing error, because at the game launch all of the forums and threads were filled with information regarding censorship and that the game is not like promised. I didn’t want to read all of that, I just wanted to fix the bink2w64.dll is missing error. After spending some time, and believe me, it took a while, I finally came across some useful topic which was explaining how to solve technical issues with Agony game. So, if you want to avoid spoilers and just fix the bink2w64.dll is missing error in Agony, keep reading. The issue is not related with the game, but more with your operating system. For some reason the bink2w64.dll file have disappeared from the computer and it needs to be replaced, otherwise some programs will not operate properly. So, all you need to do is to download the genuine bink2w64.dll file from here: and install it according to the instructions provided on the website. There you go, the bink2w64.dll is missing error in Agony should be solved. Feel free to share this guide with your friends.

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