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How to fix bink2w64.dll is missing error in Far Cry 4

I haven’t been playing for a while now. Ive been busy with studying, but now I am on holidays and decided to play a bit. I always loved Far Cry games and I still remember the beautiful graphics of the Far Cry 3. So, I decided to install Far Cry 4 and play it. The installation took around 30 minutes and after it was completed I launched the game. The game started to load, but after few seconds an error message popped up saying that bink2w64.dll is missing and I should reinstall the application to fix it. After reinstalling the game and wasting another hour of time I still couldn’t start Far Cry 4 because of bink2w64.dll is missing error, so I started to search for the solution on reddit and various forums.


The time that I have spent looking for solution for bink2w64.dll is missing error in Far Cry 4 was not a waste. I found a lot of useful information about how dll libraries works and how to fix dll is missing errors including how to fix bink2w64.dll is missing or not found error in Far Cry 4. All you need is to download and install bink2w64.dll file from here: And now just copy it into the game folder or into the system32 folder, it actually doesn’t matter. After doing that I was able to run Far Cry 4. If it helped you to fix bink2w64.dll is missing or not found error please like and share this guide, so we can help others too.

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