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How to fix mfc100.dll is missing in Windows 8.1

Out of nowhere I started getting mfc100.dll is missing error and it prevents me from logging in on my Windows 8.1. The only way I can log is in safe mode. But it is impossible to work in safe mode, so I started to look for the solution on the Internet and found a lot of interesting information about mfc100.dll is missing or not found error. A lot of users having this issue and it can be caused by various reasons. Some of the most popular reasons of mfc100.dll is missing error are related with virus and malware attacks, however some of the users mistakenly removed the library by themselves. Anyway, there is an easy solution for mfc100.dll is missing error in Windows 8.1.


If you are like me, cannot log in to the system, you will have to boot in “Safe Mode” and follow my fixing guide. So, I simply went to the and downloaded the library. Afterwards I just extracted the mfc100.dll file in the system folder. Detailed instructions where I should copy the file I found on the website. Once I did that, I rebooted my computer and was able to login without any error. So, basically mfc100.dll is missing error in Windows 8.1 can be solved in two steps: download the file and copy it to the right location. I bet this will work on previous versions of Windows 8 and 7 64 and 32 bit.

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Kim Alen, Finland
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