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How to fix mfc110u.dll is missing error on Windows 8/8.1

After installing new game on Steam I started getting mfc110u.dll is missing error. I thought this error is related with release of Windows 10 and I thought that probably the game doesn’t support my old Windows 8.1 operating system. After searching on the Internet I found that mfc110u.dll is missing from your computer error can happen on any operating system and it is happening because system library is missing. So, I started to investigate this case and found that a large amount of people is struggling to resolve mfc110u.dll is missing error. Also, I found lots of guides, but most of them didn’t work for me. I was in despair until my friend provided me with one simple guide that helped me to resolve mfc110u.dll is missing error on Windows 8.1.


There are various reasons why mfc110u.dll library might disappear from your computer. Some of them are related to viruses. Since this library is used by various programs, hackers are always trying to replace it to be able to inject malicious code into your system and as result user’s antivirus might simply delete the library. To fix mfc110u.dll is missing from your computer error in Windows 8.1 you just need to download mfc110u.dll file from: After that, simply follow the installation instructions provided on the downloading page and install mfc110u.dll library into system folder.

This small guide helped me to fix mfc110u.dll is missing from your computer error on Windows 8.1 and it should work for any operating system. You just have to select proper version of mfc110u.dll library on the website and follow the installation instructions.

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Kim Alen, Finland
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