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How to fix mfreadwrite.dll is missing in GTA V

After the recent big update, Ive decided to come back to GTA V and installed it once again via Rockstar Client. The downloading process took a while, but when it was completed I couldn’t launch the game. Every time I clicked on Play button the system error appeared stating “Dependency mfreadwrite.dll is missing. Please reinstall the game”. I have checked the integrity of game files and everything was ok, however the mfreadwrite.dll is missing error was still there. I really didn’t want to reinstall the game, because it takes a lot of time, but well since the problem can only be fixed by that I did it. To my surprise, after reinstalling the game I still had the same dependency mfreadwrite.dll is missing error. At that time, I started looking for fixing solution for mfreadwrite.dll is missing error and briefly found one.


I also found that mostly mfreadwrite.dll is missing from your computer error happens on Windows 10 operating system, which due to various reasons doesn’t include some media features required for proper launch of GTA V game. However, those features are included in mfreadwrite.dll file, which is a part of operating system and not the game, so therefore, the reinstallation of the GTA V doesn’t help to fix mfreadwrite.dll is missing error. Anyway, I was able to fix that error by simply downloading and installing the missing mfreadwrite.dll file from here: The only thing is you should follow the installation instructions provided on the web site. If you have performed everything as described, after reboot, you will be able to launch GTA 5 without mfreadwrite.dll is missing or not found error. Have a fun and feel free to share this guide!

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Couldn’t play GTA 5, because of missing .DLL file. Now, everything works fine. Good service.

Kim Alen, Finland
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