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How to fix No Man’s Sky Error msvcr100.dll is missing?

Finally the best game of all the time has been released. Yes, I am talking about No Man’s Sky, where developers promise around 500 thousand hours to complete the game, even though there is no way to complete it, since the universe is endless and continuously being generated by the mathematical algorithms. Anyway, I’ve preordered the game as soon as I heard about it and today I tried to install it, but was very disappointed. After the installation, upon launching I got msvcr100.dll is missing from your computer error. At first I thought that something went wrong during the installation and I just need to reinstall the game, however I was wrong, the error remained.

msvcr100.dll-missing-no-man's sky

I was so angry at first, I thought that msvcr100.dll is missing error is related with No Man’s Sky game and I was blaming the developers. However, after investigating on the Internet, I found that msvcr100.dll is a system library, which is used by numerous programs and operating system. Due to the high popularity of the library it is being constantly accessed by hundreds of processes and sometimes something might go wrong and the library becomes damaged or corrupted. Also, most of the Trojans are targeting that library to be able to replace it with malicious one. Anyway, the solution for msvcr100.dll is missing error is much simpler than I thought. I don’t have to reinstall the application, neither the operating system, all I need is to download genuine msvcr100.dll library from here: and follow the installation instructions provided on the website. This have helped me to fix msvcr100.dll is missing error in No Man’s Sky and I hope it will help you too.

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