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How to fix Unarc.dll is missing in Stellaris

I am huge fan of RTS game and especially related to space games. Today, the new game Stellaris was released and I purchased it on Steam. After the installation the game didn’t launch but the system error appeared saying that unarc.dll is missing from my computer and to fix this issue I need to reinstall the game. As you have already guessed the reinstallation didn’t solve the unarc.dll is missing error. So, I started to update my graphic card drivers and all those things recommended on forums, but nothing worked. I was one step from asking the refund for the game, but fortunately I found the fix.


Usually .dll is missing errors are not related with the game itself. Same in this situation I had unarc.dll is missing error because my antivirus have probably quarantined that library for some reasons. Anyway, I wanted to play and don’t wanted to waste time discovering why my antivirus have removed the unarc.dll library. The easiest solution I found on the Internet is to manually download and install the Unarc.dll file. So, I went to the and downloaded the file. The installation instruction was kindly provided on the website, so I followed it. It is quite easy, just copy the file into the system folder. After rebooting my computer I was able to run Stellaris without Unarc.dll is missing error. Everything worked perfectly and by the way the game is awesome and totally worth its money.

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