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How to fix vcomp110.dll is missing error in Windows 10

I couldn’t endure it again, so I downloaded the Windows 10 64 bit and installed it on my system. I did it because I couldn’t stand getting all those pop-up messages asking me to download Windows 10.  The message became super annoying, so I finally installed it just to stop getting the messages. The installation itself was very smooth. I attempted to install it over the existing system so as not to lose any of my files, but I couldn’t run any of the games I enjoyed on the previous Windows 8 64 bit after installing it. I kept on getting the vcomp110.dll is missing error message each time I tried to boot up. At first I felt it was just a simple matter of installing some drivers, but after installing every possible update, the messages did not stop. So I had to go to the internet in search of solutions.


After going through some forums for computer geeks, I discovered that the vcomp110.dll is missing error was as a result of some kind of vcomp110.dll library not found in the system folder and many applications and games, need it to function well. This problem can be fixed in two ways. The first is by reinstalling the system with hopes that the vcomp110.dll can be installed along with system files. The second is a lot easier and was what worked for me. Go to to download and install the install vcomp110.dll library. As soon as you finish, all you have to do is to copy it into the system folder. You can get detailed instructions on how to install it from the download page.

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Kim Alen, Finland
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