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How to fix d3dcompiler_47.dll is missing error in Fortnite

Ever since the Fortnite game was launched, a lot of people have suffered through different .dll related errors. Before now, I explained to you how to fix the d3dcompiler_47.dll is missing error, this time am going to explain how you can fix the d3dcompiler_47.dll is not found or missing error in Fortnite. I’ve noticed that this is a common error amongst those who tried to install the game and tried to play it immediately. But there’s nothing to worry about because the d3dcompiler_47.dll error is quite easy to fix and has nothing to do with the game, which means there’s really no need for you to keep downloading and installing the game.

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How to fix api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll is missing error in Microsoft Office

I’m currently running the Windows 10 64 bit operating system, so I decided to have Microsoft Office installed, because I needed to prepare some presentations for my college and other things related with text edition and presentation. After the installation, I tried opening existing documents and creating documents to no avail, all I got was an error message to the effect that api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll is missing and cannot be found on your system. I checked out the system folder and the api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll file was nowhere to be found. I thought it was a compatibility issue between the recent and the older Microsoft Office, but I didn’t find anything pointing to that fact on the internet and when I called Microsoft support they informed me that it shouldn’t be the case and that the error was caused by the absence of the file on my system. Since they didn’t have any solution for me, I decided to find a solution on my own.

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How to fix msvcr110.dll is missing error in Sony Vegas Pro

I’ve always wanted to use my recordings to create a video, so as per advice from friends, I bought the Sony Vegas Pro and had it installed on my system. I didn’t bother to try out the program after installing it because I was busy watching tutorial videos on YouTube about how to produce good quality videos. When I was ready to test the program, I tried launching it and received a system error message informing me that msvcr110.dll is missing and could not be found on my system and the app could not be launched. I waited for two days to get an answer from Sony Support, after which I decided to find a solution on my own. I should probably mention that the program reinstallation that was suggested in the error message did not work.

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Fixing engine2.dll is missing error in Dota 2

I’ve been playing Dota 2 for a long time, however after PC upgrade I had to reinstall it on Steam. After installing the game, I received an error message stating that engine2.dll is missing and could not be found on my system and that I should reinstall the program to fix the problem. I tried verifying the game cache but the problem persisted. And the reinstallation did not solve the problem either. I tried requesting assistance from Steam, but getting response from them takes ages. I was informed by support in an email that the game was completely okay and that the problem was with my system. This left me with two options – stopping playing Dota 2 or trying to fix the issue myself. I decided to go for the second option so I went searching on different forums until I discovered this solution.

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How to fix x3daudio1_7.dll is missing error on Windows 8

I recently purchased a used desktop which came with Windows 8. I wasn’t ready to upgrade to windows 10, partly because I think it’s too soon and also because of all the spying rumours circulating. However, I didn’t want the Windows 8 either, so I decided to upgrade to the Windows 8.1 64 bit. I was unable to run my games and apps after the upgrade. I kept on receiving a system error message stating that “The program can’t start because x3daudio1_7.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix problem” each time I tried launching the program. I wasn’t ready to reinstall every program on my PC, so I decided to go online in search of a solution. And I discovered a solution to the x3daudio1_7.dll is missing error.

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Fixing qtcore4.dll is missing or not found error in Windows 8.1

You can receive an error message to the effect that qtcore4.dll is missing or could not be found on your computer regardless of your hardware components or the antivirus you’re using. Qtcore4.dll is actually a system library which makes part of Nokia software. It is used by several programs, in particular drivers to your mobile phone. This makes the qtcore4.dll library vulnerable to damage and the multiple accesses as well as constant overwrites from other programs also affects it. The qtcore4.dll is missing error message is sometimes caused by virus, because viruses sometimes try to disguise as system libraries where the real system library is disconnected and replaced with a fake virus file.

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Couldn’t play GTA 5, because of missing .DLL file. Now, everything works fine. Good service.

Kim Alen, Finland
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