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How to fix mfc100.dll is missing error on Windows 7

Recently I was DDoS attacked and my antivirus gave up on that attack and I guess some virus slipped into my computer. After that I started to have numerous errors on my computer. Every time I try to launch some game or program I am getting mfc100.dll is missing from your computer error. I tried to reinstall games, DirectX and Microsoft Visual Studio, but nothing helped. I started looking for solution on the Internet and found some guide. I am not computer expert I just use it to watch movies and play video games, but with the help of this guide I was able to fix mfc100.dll is missing error on Windows 7, without any problems.

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How to fix xlive.dll is missing error in Dark Souls

Xlive.dll is missing error is very annoying and it was appearing every time I tried to run Dark Souls. It started to happen after I downloaded some anti-malware tool and scanned my system. A lot of malware was found on my computer and after cleaning it I started to get xlive.dll is missing error. Mostly it happens when I try to launch Dark Souls, but sometimes it appears when I try to open some other programs too. I lost all my saves in Dark Souls because of xlive.dll is missing error. The text of the system error stating that the program can’t start because xlive.dll is missing from my computer and to fix the problem I have to reinstall the application. Wrong, the reinstallation didn’t fix my issue.

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How to fix msvcr120.dll is missing error on Windows 8, 8.1

Yesterday, my Windows 8.1 downloaded some big pack of updates without my knowledge and after that I started having msvcr120.dl is missing errors upon launch of any game or application.  The system pop up error stating that I need to reinstall the application to fix the problem, however it’s not wise to reinstall all of the application installed on my computer. There should be another, much simpler way to fix msvcr120.dl is missing error on Windows 8.1. I called my friend, he works in the local IT company and he said that for some reason he had the same problem on his Windows 8. He provided me with fixing solution that I will share with you.

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Fix for msvcr120.dll is missing error on Windows 7

First time I got msvcr120.dll is missing from your computer error, right after downgrading to Windows 7 64 bit from Windows 10. So, my computer downloaded Windows 10 updates without my authorization and I was left with only one option – to install the update over my Windows 7. After the installation of Windows 10 I started getting a lot of various errors and my computer became very slow in terms of performance, so I decided to come back to my Windows 7 64 bit. After restoring my previous operating system I started having msvcr120.dll is missing from your computer errors.

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Fix for msvcr120.dll is missing error on Windows 10

Msvcr120.dll is missing or not found error is quite often happens on Windows 10. We have received numerous reports from users. Usually this system error appears when user tries to launch some program or game. The program can’t start because msvcr120.dll is missing from your computer, try re-install the program. There is no reason to reinstall the program, although it will be ridiculous to reinstall all of the programs and games that give the same msvcr120.dll is missing error. It is obvious that the problem is not related with the applications but with the operating system.

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How to fix QtCore4.dll is missing error on Windows 10

I couldn’t stand anymore and downloaded and installed Windows 10 64 bit on my computer. I was constantly getting system pop-up messages that Windows 10 is ready, please download it, etc. That was a bit annoying, so I just installed it to get rid of those pop-ups. The installation went smooth. I tried to install it over my existing system to not lose my files, however after the installation I couldn’t run any games that I played on my previous Windows 8 64 bit. Upon launching I was getting QtCore4.dll is missing errors. At first I thought that I need to update some drivers, but even after installing every update I was still getting QtCore4.dll is missing error messages. So, I went to search for the solution on the Internet.

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Couldn’t play GTA 5, because of missing .DLL file. Now, everything works fine. Good service.

Kim Alen, Finland
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