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How to fix schdmapi.dll is missing error in Microsoft Office 2003

I run a Windows 10 64 bit OS and I wanted to have the Microsoft Office 2003 installed because I didn’t care for the new Office suite’s interface and modifications. After I completed the installation, I tried to create a document as well as opening an existing one and all I got was an error message informing me that C:\windows\system32\ schdmapi.dll is missing and could not be located on my computer. I checked the system folder, and schdmapi.dll file was not there. I thought it might be a compatibility problem between the new OS and the older version of Microsoft Office, but I didn’t see anything about compatibility when I searched on the internet and I was informed by Microsoft support that there were no compatibility issues, that the error was because the file could not be located on my computer. Since I couldn’t get any help from support, I decided to fix it on my own.

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Fixing vcomp110.dll is missing error in Sony Vegas

It has always been a dream of mine to use my recordings to create an amazing video, and as per the advice of friends, I bought and installed the Sony Vegas on my system. After I finished installing it, I didn’t attempt to carry out any video editing; instead I watched a lot of YouTube tutorials about how to produce a good quality video. When it was time for me to test my skills, I made an attempt to launch the program and received a system error informing me that vcomp110.dll is missing on my system and I was unable to launch the application. I sent a message to Sony support and two days after waiting in vain for a reply I made up my mind to find a solution on my own. I should probably mention that the suggestion I got from the error dialogue about program reinstallation was of no use to me.

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How to fix Binkw32.dll is missing in Star Wars: Battlefront II

As soon as they launched Star Wars: Battlefront II, I pre-ordered it and it eventually became available on Origin for downloads. As soon as I completed the installation, I got an error message stating that binkw32.dll is missing on my computer and that I have to have the program reinstalled in other to fix the problem. The first thing I did was to try and have the game cache verified but that did not resolve the problem of the not found binkw32.dll. Even after I had the game reinstalled, I was still unable to fix my binkw32.dll is missing error. I sent a report to EA, but they’re always slow to respond. According to the last email I got from support, the problem is from my system and the game is extremely operational. I was then faced with two choices, either to return the game, or attempt to get to the root of the problem on my own. I chose the second option and immediately began to search through different forums until I discovered this particular solution.

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Fixing msvcr110.dll is missing error in WAMP

The used desktop I purchased came with a Windows 8 OS. I was not ready to carry out an upgrade to Windows 10 because I think it’s too soon and all the rumours I’ve been hearing about spying was enough to plant a seed of doubt in my mind. Although I was skeptical about windows 10, I didn’t really want to use Windows 8 either, so I carried out an upgrade to Windows 8.1 64 bit. After carrying out the upgrade, I could not run WAMP application. Each time I attempted to launch the program I was having a system error message to the effect that “The program can’t start because msvcr110.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix problem”. I was not ready to uninstall all my PC programs, so I surfed through the net for a possible solution and I was able to discover a way to fix the msvcr110.dll error.

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Fix for vcomp110.dll is missing error in Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous is a great multiplayer online game in space environment. Elite Dangerous introduces a completely new gameplay, that shows the wonderful space location, the scale of which is greater than in any other similar game. The gameplay is very cool; you can see yourself as a pilot of futuristic spaceship. Anyway, I was expecting so much from this game, but was very disappointed when I installed the game and couldn’t run it because of vcomp110.dll is missing from your computer error.  However, the community is very cool and gentle, and after I submitted my problem on the forum they helped me to find the fixing solution for vcomp110.dll is missing error.

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How to fix d3dx9_27.dll is missing error in Stronghold 2

I am big fan of old strategy games, even though the technology has made a big step regarding the computer graphics, but still, nowadays, they cannot recreate the scenario of the old games. Stronghold 2 is one of my favourite games, but for some reason I couldn’t play it on my Windows 10 computer. First time, after I launched the game my screen turned black and I thought that the game is loading, but after like 5 seconds a pop-up error appeared saying that the program can’t start because d3dx9_27.dll is missing from your computer. I have tried to reinstall the game (as was stated in the error dialog box), but it didn’t fix the d3dx9_27.dll is missing error. I have tried to update my graphic drivers but it didn’t help me.

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Couldn’t play GTA 5, because of missing .DLL file. Now, everything works fine. Good service.

Kim Alen, Finland
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