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Fixing d3d11.dll is missing error in Table Top Racing: World Tour Tropical Ice

Top Racing: World Tour Tropical Ice is a great indie racing game for those who liked the famous Carmageddon and Rocket League games. I am huge fan of this kind of games and it brings a lot of fun to play with your friends and smash each other’s car. Anyway, this is about the dll error that I had when tried to run Table Top Racing: World Tour Tropical Ice, in particular, d3d11.dll is missing from your computer error. After trying various suggestions that I’ve found on the Internet I was about to refund the game on Steam, but fortunately, I’ve tried to install the missing file directly on my computer and it worked for me!

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How to fix msvcr80.dll is missing or not found in iTunes

The new iPhone 7 has been announced, so it means that soon Apple will release the final version of iOS 10 for Apple devices. That’s why I’ve decided to update the firmware of my iPad to the latest version. Anyway, since I haven’t updated it for a long time, I had to install the latest version of iTunes on my computer and at that moment I have faced a system error “This application has failed to start because MSVCR80.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem”. I’ve tried to download iTunes from the official site few times, but still, after the installation the msvcr80.dll is missing error appears.

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Fixing d3d11.dll is missing error in Farm Expert 2017

Farm Expert series are the best of the kind games to kill some times. I can waste hours managing my farm and planting seeds. The developers have promised to bring lots of optimization and improvements in the new version of Farm Expert. Once it was released I’ve purchased it without any hesitation and what I got? A broken game. Once I tried to launch Farm Expert 2017 I was getting d3d11.dll is missing from your computer error and the game simply wouldn’t start. I’ve read some reviews on Steam and found that I was not alone with this problem and many people have faced the same d3d11.dll not found issue. Anyway, now I know that it is not related with the game itself and it’s easy to fix.

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How to fix vcomp110.dll is missing in Attack on Titan

I am big fan of Attack on Titan manga and I was very surprised when I found out that it was released as a game on Steam. Without any hesitation I’ve purchased Attack on Titan A.O.T Wings of Freedom and installed the game. I couldn’t wait to play the game, but for some reason after installation was completed I couldn’t launch the game. Vcomp110.dll is missing from your computer error appeared when I tried to start the game and nothing I could do to prevent that error and start the game. I was about to ask for refund from steam when I found that some users had the same problem and were able to fix it.

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Fix for xinput1_3.dll is missing error in World of Warcraft: Legion

World of Warcraft: Legion expansion will be released within few hours. Lots of gamers are eagerly waiting for this event. However, some gamers have already faced some troubles after pre-downloading the expansion on If you are one among those who having xinput1_3.dll, msvcr120.dll or msvcr100.dll is missing error when launching application, here I will tell you how to easily fix it and start playing the Legion as soon as it is released. Since a lot of people want to compete and get those: realm first and world first achievements, it is better to be prepared and able to run the game without dll errors.

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Solved msvcp140 is missing or not found on Windows 10

After installing a new Windows 10 on my computer I faced one big problem. I am working as web developer and I need to use various tools for my work. One, and the most important one, is WordPress software. The problem consisted in inability to launch the WordPress on my Windows 10 64 bits. After downloading and installing the application I tried to run it and got system error saying that msvcp140.dll is missing from my computer and the reinstallation of the program should fix this problem. Unfortunately, it couldn’t be fixed by reinstalling the WordPress. I’ve tried several times and the installation goes without any issues but the program can’t be launched. I had to apply my research skills in order to fix msvcp140.dll is missing error.

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Couldn’t play GTA 5, because of missing .DLL file. Now, everything works fine. Good service.

Kim Alen, Finland
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