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Msvcr110d.dll is missing fix for Mortal Kombat X

Once again I am having problems with Mortal Kombat X. After fixing bink2w64.dll is missing error I wasn’t playing Mortal Kombat X at all, but there were some updates that I downloaded automatically on steam. And today, when I tried to run Mortal Kombat X I got msvcr110d.dll is missing error. I have tried to fix this problem the same way as I did previously with bink2w64.dll and it worked.

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Fix for mfc90.dll is missing or failed to load error in Ragnarok

I am huge fan of MMORPG games, I’ve been playing World of Warcraft for almost 7 years. But the one thing I know for sure is that you have to play those games with your friends and then you will get 100% satisfaction. So, few days ago my friends invited me to play Ragnarök online with them. I downloaded the game and when it updated I started it and got critical error something like mfc90.dll failed to load. When I tried to launch the game for the second time I got error saying that the program can’t start because mfc90.dll is missing from your computer. Few hours I was trying to fix mfc90.dll crash problem until I followed fixing guide posted on Ragnarök forum.

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How to fix mfc100u.dll is missing error in AVG

I was looking for free anti-virus protection for my laptop. Since it’s not a powerful machine I wanted something lightweight, just to protect me from those adware and browser hijacker viruses. So, I came across AVG Anti-virus. After the installation of AVG when I tried to launch it the system error avgui.exe appeared saying that the program can’t start because mfc100u.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.  Re-installation of the AVG didn’t solve the mfc100u.dll is missing problem so I tried another solution that always works for missing dll files.

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Fix for iertutil.dll is missing or was not found in Windows

Today, when I tried to boot up my computer, out of nowhere the error appeared saying “This application has failed to start because iertutil.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.” I was sure that it’s some kind of virus and scanned my PC with anti-virus software, but it couldn’t find anything. Iertutil.dll was not found error was bothering me every time I boot up my computer. I am glad that I found easy solution for iertutil.dll is missing error.

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How to fix ieframe.dll is not responding in IE9 on Windows 8 and 10

Today, when I booted my home desktop I noticed the weird error. When I tried to run IE9 (Internet Explorer) it opens for a second and the closes with error. After that I tried to run Windows Defender and got an error saying that ieframe.dll is not responding or may be outdated. First thing I thought is to update this ieframe.dll, but how? Then I thought that if I reinstall IE9 on my Windows 8 it will automatically update that ieframe.dlll file, but I couldn’t find how to uninstall Internet Explorer browser. One of my friends sent me a guide how to fix ieframe.dll is not responding or missing error and it worked.

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How to fix d3d9.dll is missing from your computer error in Skyrim

The program can’t start because d3d9.dll is missing” – that’s what I got when tried to launch Skyrim on my computer. Reinstalling the game didn’t solve the problem. My friend who installed Skyrim from the same CD doesn’t have d3d9.dll is missing error. Maybe it’s some kind of virus on my computer or something, but now I can’t even launch Fallout 3, which I was playing few days ago. I thought that the only way to fix d3d9.dll is missing error is to completely reinstall Windows, but I was wrong, there is much easier solution to fix this problem.

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Couldn’t play GTA 5, because of missing .DLL file. Now, everything works fine. Good service.

Kim Alen, Finland
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