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What to do when you see kernel32.dll error?

What is Kernel32.dll?

Kernel32.dll is a very important system dll file. It is related with MSDN Disc 2216, which is developed by Microsoft for Windows Operating System. The latest known version of kernel32.dll developed for Windows is This dll file is responsible for memory processing, input, output and interrupt operations in Windows system. When you start Windows, kernel32.dll is loaded into a protected area of the memory.

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How to register dll files on Windows 7 (x64 and x32 bits)

Sometimes, when you try to run a program on Windows 7, an error message appears that a dll file is not found (for example unidrv.dll is missing, please reinstall the program) and the program does not run.

Error messages can be different (it depends on what language the program was written) for example “Component MSCOMCTL.OCX not correctly registered: file is missing or invalid” or “This application has failed to start because msvcr100.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem”, or “Runtime dll/ocx file error”. Also, the program compatibility assistant may appear saying that this program requires a missing component of Windows.

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How to fix sysmenu.dll error

Sysmenu.dll is closely related with adware and malware programs. It can be a part of some browser toolbar or add-on.  Most of the times anti-virus identifies this file as a threat and removes it. However, after removal of sysmenu.dll the error message appears, because the toolbar or an add-on starts up and requires that .dll library and can’t find it. You might also check the antivirus quarantine for that file, but do not restore it, you don’t need an adware on your computer do you? So, if you are getting an error message on every pc startup saying that there was a problem starting C:\PROGRA~1\COMMON~1\System\SysMenu.dll the specified module could not be found, to fix this problem simply follow the guide below. It works for Windows 7, 8, 10 64 / 32 bits.

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Easy fix for openal32.dll is missing error in Dirt 3

Few days ago I decided to make a challenge between me and my friends in racing game. We have chosen a Dirt 3 – the old good rally game. So, I’ve bought it and installed on my computer. My friends brought beer and chips, so we were completely ready to have a fun. Well, we had fun, but unfortunately we couldn’t make the Dirt 3 to work. Every time I tried to launch the game the error message saying that openal32.dll is missing was popping up on my screen. One of my friends told me that I need to reinstall windows to fix it. Well, later I found easier solution that fixed that error within a few minutes.

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Fixing the amtlib.dll is missing error in cs6

I am running Windows 7 64 bit operating system and few days ago I had a problem with my computer. I scanned it with anti-virus and anti-malware programs and they found about 10 viruses. Accidentally I clicked on remove all threats and now I don’t know what was removed. Since then, I can’t launch my Photoshop CS6. Every time I start the program the error message appears “The program can’t start because amtlib.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem”. I couldn’t work with Photoshop CS6 for 2 days until I found the solution.

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How to fix steam_api.dll not found error in Civilization 5

I’ve bought Civilization V game on steam few days ago. Downloaded and installed it, but was unable to launch because of steam_api.dll is missing error. Reinstallation of the game didn’t fix the problem. My friend told me he had the same problem in Resident Evil 6 game. We started to search for the solution on the Internet. We found that a lot of people having same issues with steam_api.dll is missing errors in Civilization 5, Resident Evil 6 and 7 Ways to Die. It looks like it’s a common error for those games in Steam. However, we have discovered a quick and easy solution how to fix steam_api.dll is missing error.

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Couldn’t play GTA 5, because of missing .DLL file. Now, everything works fine. Good service.

Kim Alen, Finland
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