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GTA 5 gfsdk_txaa.win64.dll not found error fix

Grand Theft Auto 5, also known as GTA is the best-selling video game ever. And it is well deserved. The game has so many things to offer for players. Very interesting single player campaign and so cool multiplayer, where you can do whatever you want. There is no limitation, you can buy cars and tune them, houses, helicopters, motorcycles, tanks and other things. There is so many ways to make money in-game by doing heists with your friends or with random players, making other missions. GTA 5 is an awesome sandbox game with optimized graphics and unlimited possibilities. You don’t need a high-end computer to run this game. Anyway I enjoyed playing this game for a while. Few days ago I wanted to play GTA 5, but suddenly, the error message appeared saying that gfsdk_txaa.win64.dll is missing, please reinstall the application.

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Solution for QtGui4.dll is missing error in Malwarebytes.

Malwarebytes is one of the best and absolutely free anti-malware tools. I discovered this tool back in 2014 when I had some virus on my computer and my antivirus couldn’t detect it. I will not mention here the names and brands of antivirus, but you should know that even their employees are using Malwarebytes to detect the most recent threats. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is easy to install and configure, it also has a user friendly interface. Immediately after I installed it on my computer it detected and neutralized numerous threats that my anti-virus didn’t see. Anyway, few days ago I’ve updated my anti-virus and it asked me to reboot my computer, after reboot the Malwarebytes failed to start and gave me error saying that the program could not be launched, because the QtGui4.dll is missing, please reinstall.

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How to quickly and easily fix msvcr110.dll is missing error.

After some researches I’ve come to conclusion that the msvcr110.dll error is the most frequent error that happens in the most popular games such as FIFA 14, Saints Row 4, DayZ, Arma 3 and Rust. I don’t know why, but this system library always disappears from the system and causes a lot of problems to users. Sometimes the msvcr110.dll not found errors are caused because your antivirus simply adds this file to quarantine or just deletes it. The .dll file might also disappear or get corrupted by some viruses. Actually, there are plenty of reasons why msvcr110.dll can be missing in your system. There is no reason to list all the possible options why this file is missing. What is important is that you can easily stop msvcr110.dll is missing errors and I will tell you how.

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Fixing the QtCore4.dll not found in Sims 3.

Today I’ve decided to play Sims 3 before starting Sims 4, so I found a CD and installed the game. After the installation was completed I launched the game and the error popped up saying that the program could not be started because QtCore4.dll is missing, please reinstall the program. Well, since I am not expert in computers I just reinstalled the game and wasted another hour, but it didn’t help. Every time I try to start the game the QtCore4.dll not found error appears. I started to read Sims forums and found that a lot of people having the same problem. However, I was lucky enough to find a great guide about how to fix this problem and I am about to share it with you.

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Can’t launch FIFA 14 because msvcr110.dll was not found?

I’ve bought the FIFA 14 game on Steam summer sale and I was so happy that I finally could play that game. The thing I like about steam is that I don’t need to insert game CD into the CD-ROM and install first part of the game, then insert second game CD and so on. I just hit the play button and the game started to download and install by itself. When installation was completed I launched the game, but instead of the FIFA14 I saw the error message stating that the program couldn’t be launched because msvcr110.dll is missing. This is the first time happens to me that the game on steam gives me some error right after the installation. I wrote an email to steam support and they responded me that the issue is on my back and they can’t do anything with that.

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Fix the mfc110u.dll is missing error when launching AVG.

Recently I have installed AVG anti-virus on my laptop, because I’ve read a lot of positive reviews about this anti-virus and that it is a very lightweight and doesn’t require a lot of system resources. The download process was quick and within few minutes I had AVG downloaded for my Windows 7 64 bit. The installation took a while, but everything was fine and in the end the program asked me if I wanted to scan my computer right now. After scanning my computer AVG prompted me to restart and I agreed. After restart, I got the error saying “AVG can’t start because mfc110u.dll is missing, try to reinstall”.

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Couldn’t play GTA 5, because of missing .DLL file. Now, everything works fine. Good service.

Kim Alen, Finland
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