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Solution for eax.dll is missing error in Assassin’s Creed

Usually .dll errors appear when we don’t expect them. When I finally had a free weekend I decided to play my favorite game Assassin’s Creed, but as soon as I started the game eax.dll is missing from your computer error popped-up. I was not able to fix it on Saturday. Spent whole evening searching for the solution and testing various methods, but nothing worked. I’ve probably did something even worse to my computer. Anyway, after spending some money on live technical support the IT experts told me how to easily fix the eax.dll is missing error in Assassin’s Creed or in any other application or game.


The problem with eax.dll is missing can appear as a result of various circumstances. Your antivirus might remove the library due to suspicious activity or it can be infected by some malware. There are thousands of reasons why the error can appear, however the most important is how to fix eax.dll is missing error. Eax.dll is a very important library for games and applications. It was developed by Creative Technology Ltd and it is responsible for in-application sound and sound effects. Most of the modern games will not run without eax.dll library. But how to get the library if it is missing? Simply, just download it from here: and install it by following the installation instruction provided on the website. It’s quite simple and doesn’t require any IT knowledge from you. Just copy and paste the eax.dll file into proper location.

After downloading and installing eax.dll library from the link above, I was asked to reboot my computer. After reboot I was able to run Assassin’s Creed. Hope it will help you to solve your eax.dll is missing error too.

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Kim Alen, Finland
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