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Solved msvcp140 is missing or not found on Windows 10

After installing a new Windows 10 on my computer I faced one big problem. I am working as web developer and I need to use various tools for my work. One, and the most important one, is WordPress software. The problem consisted in inability to launch the WordPress on my Windows 10 64 bits. After downloading and installing the application I tried to run it and got system error saying that msvcp140.dll is missing from my computer and the reinstallation of the program should fix this problem. Unfortunately, it couldn’t be fixed by reinstalling the WordPress. I’ve tried several times and the installation goes without any issues but the program can’t be launched. I had to apply my research skills in order to fix msvcp140.dll is missing error.


I’ve been searching on various technical forums and even contacted Microsoft Support Team, but couldn’t get any clear answer. Some advised me to run some third party software, others provided me links to malicious websites. In the end of the day I’ve decided to study a bit about dll files and dll is missing related errors and found that msvcp140.dll is not particularly related with WordPress. It is a system library which is located in Windows system folder. So, to fix the issue I had reinstall windows or simply find a genuine msvcp140.dll file and place it into the proper location and register it in the system. I’ve downloaded msvcp140.dll file from here: and followed the instructions provided on that website. Within 5 minutes I was able to fix msvcp140.dll is missing error and it never bothered me again. Actually now I know how to fix any .dll is missing error.

Hope you found your answer in this article and it has helped you to fix msvcp140.dll is missing error in WordPress on Windows 10 64 bit. Feel free to share this guide.

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