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What to do when you see kernel32.dll error?

What is Kernel32.dll?

Kernel32.dll is a very important system dll file. It is related with MSDN Disc 2216, which is developed by Microsoft for Windows Operating System. The latest known version of kernel32.dll developed for Windows is This dll file is responsible for memory processing, input, output and interrupt operations in Windows system. When you start Windows, kernel32.dll is loaded into a protected area of the memory.


What are the dll files?

DLL (Dynamic Link Library) files such as kernel32.dll – small programs that are similar to EXE (executable) files that allow multiple programs to use the same functions (for example printing). Another example is when you are running Windows and editing a Microsoft Word document. You must load a dll file which controls printing only if its functions are demanded – for example, when you choose to print your document. When you select “Print” option, Microsoft Word calls that dll file that is responsible for printing and it is loaded into RAM memory. If you decide to print a document in another program, such as Open Office, the same dll file responsible for printing will be used.

Why do I have kernel32.dll and other dll errors?

Since dll files are shared between various programs they are located in specific place where each program can find them. This gives a lot of advantage for software developers, but also this separation provides an opportunity for problems. By other words, when Windows cannot correctly load the kernel32.dll file, you will get an error message. Dll errors, for example, related to kernel32.dll, are often appear during computer startup, when you try to launch the program or when you try to use specific function in your program, such as printing. Users often see the error “Invalid page fault”.

Most of the times this error is caused by one specific program, but in some cases the error may occur if you run several programs. Usually, kernel32.dll errors are related with missing or damaged kernel32.dll file. Just because kernle32.dll is an external file it has higher probability of getting damaged than other files. For example, unexpected system shutdowns when the electricity goes off or virus infection can easily damage kernel32.dll and it will lead to dll errors in your system. When the kernel32.dll is damaged it cannot be properly loaded and used by programs and the error messages appearing.

Kernel32.dll error can be related with problems in the Windows system registry. Some broken dll links can prevent the proper registration of a dll file and it will cause kernel32.dll error. Those broken registry entries may be the result of a lack of a dll file or file movement after failed installation or uninstallation of the program.

Where is located kernel32.dll file?

Kernel32.dll file is located in the directory C:\Windows\ (if you are running Windows 98/ME) or C:\Windows\System32 (if you are running Windows XP / 2000/2003). If you found kernel32.dll in any other directory you should quickly scan it for threats and remove. Currently, there are more than hundreds of viruses, malware and worms that use the name of the kernel32.dll to hide their activity in the system.

How to fix kernel32.dll errors?

To fix kernel32.dll errors you should download and install this library from:

During the installation if you will be asked to replace existing kernel32.dll file, select yes. After proper installation you should get rid of kernel32.dll errors.

Also, if you have kernel32.dll is missing error in Skype, read this article to fix it.

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